Cancellations Due To Inclement Weather

IMPORTANT - To cancel umpire(s) because of rain, other inclement weather or poor field playing conditions (minimum one hour notice) do the following: go to the website, enter your username and password, click on current teams then click on the schedule. Click on the letters in the umpire column of the game that you want to cancel and the umpire coordinator with his number will appear. If the umpire assigned is CR, the umpire should call you. You may also call the the umpire coordinator, Dispatcher, at 516-622-4857 if the umpire has not contacted you. Do not call the umpire coordinator unless the umpire has not shown for your game.
The home field manager (that's home field manager, not home team manager) is responsible for calling the umpires and opposing manager in the event of poor weather. If you are playing on a town of Hempstead field, the phone number of the park is listed on the permit. Call that number if there is a chance of inclement weather to see if they closed the field. If a field has been closed by the town, you are responsible for notifying the opposing manager and umpire(s).
You must not play on a town field if they have told you it's closed! On any town field, especially Huntington or Hempstead, you may not add any kitty litter or broom water from the field. You may do light raking or add an approved drying agent.

Insurance Information and Injuries

INSURANCE - remember your liability and medical insurance is included in your league fee- your team must be registered and there must be a deposit on file with the league for your insurance to be effective. Our insurance runs from January 1 to Dec. 31 of the year that you are registered. The insurance is effective as long as you are registered and playing in the National Junior Baseball League (NJBL). It covers your players and coaches for liability and medical during practices, tournaments and games played in NY or outside of NY. It is a secondary insurance policy. NOTE - The team manager MUST notify the league, in writing, within 48 hours regarding any injury sustained by a player or coach. Read NJBL Rule P regarding injuries. Read Rule B13 and B14 regarding head injuries. Contact the league commissioner if you need Acord Insurance Certificates.

Catcher's Head Protection

Since the NJBL uses HS Federation Rules all catchers MUST have full ear protection. The HS Federation rule reads - "any helmet or helmet and mask combination shall have full ear protection(dual ear flaps).
Effective forthwith this is the rule we will adhere to. This is also now part of the NJBL rules, effective 6/19/2013.
This is a SAFETY ISSUE and ALL teams must comply.

Entering Scores - Reporting Pitching

To enter scores, go to our web site at, enter your username and password at the top, click enter, click on CURRENT TEAMS under MY TEAMS in the menu on the left. When your details come up click on SCHEDULE on the right. Go to the right and click on the game you wish to enter scores for under ENTER SCORE.
Pitch Count - You MUST enter the PITCH COUNT when you enter the scores. This applies to teams 14 and younger only.
Rosters - You may enter ROSTERS now. Keep a copy of your roster with a copy of birth certificates during game time.

How To Enter a Player Roster

If you are a returning team - You may copy your roster from a previous season so you do not have to enter it again. To do so, follow these directions: Go to the web site, sign on, click on TEAM REGISTRATION then click on the registration number for the current season. When that window appears you will see the follow directions - "You can select a previous team from the drop down below and copy that team's roster to this team. This will delete any roster entries you have already made for the current team (including pitch counts) and this action cannot be undone". This will make it easier to enter your roster. Remember, once you enter this roster for that season, it will become your official roster. You may still add or delete players once this is accomplished.
If you are not a returning team - Go to the website and sign in using your username and password. Go to CURRENT TEAMS under MY TEAMS and click on ROSTER for the proper season, then enter your roster.
To be eligible to receive trophies, your roster must be entered on the website.

Copying a Roster From a Prior Season

Go to the website and sign in. Once there, click on REGISTRATION # for the current season in the field on the right. Once you do that, another window will pop up and in the middle of the screen you will see a blue box that says PITCH COUNTS - ROSTER - SCHEDULE and the following:
"You can select a previous team from the drop down below and copy that team's roster to this team. This will delete any roster entries you have already made for the current team (including pitch counts) and this action cannot be undone!"
Just click on the drop down and pick the team roster you want to duplicate and click COPY TEAM.

12-90 Division Rules

The 12-90 teams use the same rules as the 12-75' divisions except for the base and pitching dimensions.
You may use the same bats that 12-75 teams use, the same game length (6 innings and 2 hour time limit) and the same umpire fees ($60.00)
The ONLY difference is the base and pitching dimensions.

Rules For 9 Inning Games

Time limit-3 hours (no inning may begin after that time limit has been reached)
Mercy - ten(10) runs after six innings.
Official game - five innings, 4 ½ if home team is ahead. If a 9 inning game is played in lieu of a doubleheader then the score of the game is entered twice and the pitching is split between the two entries. $90.00 Umpire fee.

Girl's Softball

If interested, please contact Frank Sullivan at 631-582-5191, or email at

NJBL Tournaments

(Memorial Day, Pre season bash, etc.) check our web site for tournament updates. You may also contact Jeff Sullivan at 914 772-5334, or email Jeff at

Umpire Training

Any members interested in joining our family of NJBL umpires please contact our umpire in chief, Craig Roberts, at

CPR and AED Training for Managers

The NJBL will be offering CPR/AED training to include NJBL managers. Please let the NJBL Commissioner know if you are interested. The fee to take the course is $35 per person. This will cover our costs to run the program. Once we have enough persons interested we will hold a class.

League Fees, Umpire Fees, and Registration Deadlines

Just click on ANNOUNCEMENTS then the appropriate button in the menu on the right. You may also view our rules.

Allowed Bats

13 and older teams
The only metal bat allowed for 13 and older teams is the 2 5/8 minus 3 BBCOR rated bat.
NOTE - Any wood bat is allowed. There is no minus requirement for wood bats.

75' Bases
  • Any 2 1/4 metal barrel bat or 2 1/4 Composite bat on our list (see list on our web site)
  • Any 2 3/4 minus 8 1/2 or less metal barrel bat or ANY 2 3/4 USSSA BPF 1.15 RATED BAT with label
  • Any 2 5/8 minus 10 or less metal barrel bat or ANY 2 5/8 USSSA BPF 1.15 RATED BAT with label

Any 2 1/4 metal barrel bat or 2 1/4 Composite barrel if it is on our web site list (Little League list on our web site), or if it has the USSSA 1.15 BPF label on the barrel.


Waiver and Release of Liability Consent Form

All managers are required to read and comply with our "Waiver and Release of Liability Consent Form". You may access that form on our website at Just click on ANNOUNCEMENTS then go to the menu on the right and click on "Waiver and Release of Liability Consent Form".

Code of Conduct

Players, coaches, and parents of players must read and adhere to our code of conduct which is also found on the website. Click on ANNOUNCEMENTS for more information.